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Automatic chip programmer

Automatic chip programmer burning more than 2 chips, fast speed, simple operation, high production capacity the same time .

xeltek eeprom programmer

xeltek chip eeprom programmer the new design of the new generation of versatile IC burning platform, using a variety of different design modules.

all kinds of Chip programer IC adapter socket

Both spot and order can be provided Chip eeprom adapter socket to our customers.

Chip programmer

About us

About us

Shenzhen Flying Star Technology Co., Ltd. is a high-tech enterprise which integrates R&D, production and sales. It specializes in automatic burner, programmer, burner, IC test stand, IC substitute burner, vacuum suction pen, functional fixture and other related business. The products are widely used in communications, electrical appliances, medical devices, semiconductors, elimination and so on. Fee category electronics and other different fields, the company upholds: professional...   Read more

Our Advantage

Price Discount

Dear customers and friends, our chip eeprom programmer product price is 10% discount compared with other platforms, because our own company platform does not need any transaction fees, transaction fees and commissions. So choose us, you choose to save money! This is our company's biggest price advantage!

Technical support

chip eeprom programmer are different from other products in the importance of using technology. For customers, it is not only to get products smoothly. More importantly, to use products. For us, it is not only to sell IC programmer but also to provide technical support chip programmer and after-sales service for customers. No platform can do that.

Quanity guarantee

Our company has been established for nearly 20 years, and comes from many customers all over the world. Our focus is on credit. All our chip eeprom programmer outlets guarantee 100% positive quality. We promise our customers that we will pay 10% for the fake.

Our Clients

Now, we are looking for more overseas trade partner, establishes the cooperation relations。From USA, UK, Austria, Canada, Italy, France, Brazil, Germany, Japan, Korea, India, Egypt, Iran, UAE, Pakistan etc. Welcome to our agent team to create value together.


Technology blog

  • What is the process of eeprom programmer online reading and writing?

    What is the process of eeprom programmer online reading and writing?

    24lc08b is eeprom. It does not need any eeprom programmer. Its interface uses IIC mode to communicate. The landlord can check the communication mode of IIC. Generally, the MCU without EEPROM is connected with 24lc08b to save the previous data in c... ...   Read more

  • How to Use chip programmer

    How to Use chip programmer

    The chip programmer is a tool for writing data to a programmable integrated circuit. chip programmer is mainly used for programming (or writing) of a chip such as a microcontroller (including embedded)/memory (including BIOS). The programmer mainl... ...   Read more

Technical support

MCU read and write

First of all, the microcontroller you want to read is not encrypted And your chip eeprom programmer supports the model of this MCU. Then you can look at the speaker's book of the chip programmer. It's very simple. Read it - save it. Some microco... ... + Read more




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