New Read Write Head Replacement Tools :

Now for the hard disk heads in dock in the outer ring of the hard drive head mostly use spacers will head out, and then use spacers or paper will head to stay back plate, in the process of magnetic head easy adhesion or by quadratic friction, light person produce a lot of bad word, or head damaged platter scratch.
(we all know that hard work is suspended between head and platters. Have damaged during loading and unloading head head experience)
The company after five years of repeated grope for three years of development, a large number of experiments, overcome difficulties, for example, concentricity, parallelism, material science, etc.) to develop the product. This product adopts the most advanced ABS a film forming technology, the overall accuracy of 0.01 mm parallelism is 0.02 mm
At present a total of a development and production of 20 kinds of head replacement tools, including :(support except SAS SCSI all hard disk model ,universa almighty New Read Write Head Replacement Tools ): please check  Picture in addition to the server hard disk drives all support .

This article explains about read write heads and how crucial it is to keep the heads from crashing which is why we developed the read write head tool to remove the heads safely.


To keep the heads from crashing into the platter is just as important to keep them from crashing into each other although they shouldn't be allowed to touch the platters. has developed a tool that when used in a data recovery process will prevent the read / write heads from making contact with each other, and /or crashing to the platter.

The heads on each type of drive sit at different heights to fly over the different heights of the platters. The platters vary in height due to the spacers that are used to keep them apart.  read write head tool is fully adjustable for one or more heads at different heights. One tool fits all. This can do multi platter, single platter and dual or two platter hard drives head stack swaps.

The tool itself is very simple to use and causes no damage to the heads or the platters surface.
The tools are available for both desktop and laptop hard drives to work both you would need both of the products (These are included free in our online courses). Once you have adjusted them to the appropriate heights using the platters as a guide you simply slide the heads onto the wedges to remove the heads without damage.

If we were to take a close look at a read / write head we would see that there are copper coils belonging to the transducer, and tiny electric wires attached to gold pads.

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hard disk head replacement tools

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