HDD Repair Kit for all Professional Laptop repair:

This kit is used to open 2.5 or 3.5 HARD DRIVE to change Platters or head.

A video on how to repair with the kit will soon be on our website.

This kit is a necessity for Bad Hard Drive DATA RECOVERY

This tool is suitable for most hard drive brand models, only few models not supported
Application: 3.5 inch and 2.5-inch hard drive common
Main purpose: Used for data recovery, stuck motor, motor coil short circuit, slow read and write quality, magnetic heads, read-write head chip signal amplifier circuit failure and damage head replacement, discs and other components used in the operation. Includes frame and Kai magnet pulling device.

Step-by-step hands-on teaching tutorials: 2.5-inch and 3.5-inch hard drive disk extraction opening, disc replacement, head removal and installation of difficult parts available on our website. This is an essential data recovery tool in the market.

Read Write Head Replacement Tools : best new upgrade to support all hard disk head to Exchange: the include

ST Hitach 2.5 ", SAS SCSI, ST7200.9.10.11 3.5", ST WD Maxto 3.5 ", Sam 3.5", Hitachi 3.5 "...... ST W Hitach2.5", SAS SCSI, ST7200.9.10.11 3.5 ", the ST the  the Maxt 3.5", the Sam 3.5 ", the Hitach3.5" ...

This article explains about read write heads and how crucial it is to keep the heads from crashing which is why we developed the read write head tool to remove the heads safely.

To keep the heads from crashing into the platter is just as important to keep them from crashing into each other although they shouldn't be allowed to touch the platters.  has developed  a tool that when used in a data recovery process will prevent the read / write heads from making contact with each other, and /or crashing to the platter.

The heads on each type of drive sit at different heights to fly over the different heights of the platters. The platters vary in height due to the spacers that are used to keep them apart. read write head tool is fully adjustable for one or more heads at different heights. One tool fits all. This can do multi platter, single platter and dual or two platter hard drives head stack swaps.

The tool itself is very simple to use and causes no damage to the heads or the platters surface.
The tools are available for both desktop and laptop hard drives to work both you would need both of the products (These are included free in our online courses). Once you have adjusted them to the appropriate heights using the platters as a guide you simply slide the heads onto the wedges to remove the heads without damage.

If we were to take a close look at a read / write head we would see that there are copper coils belonging to the transducer, and tiny electric wires attached to gold pads.

Package Content:

1 HDD repair platform
4 HDD DISC pullers 2x3.5 2x2.5
1 Kai magnet pulling device
1 Video tutorial language is in Chinese. (English version will be on our website soon)

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