• 3.5 IDE to SATA3 adapter

Wiring method:
1\ some small and hard disk adapter / CD-ROM need power supply. Jumper line must be set at MASTER. To work properly.
2\ if the power cord is not enough, you can also use the 4Pin power supply on the computer power supply.
3\ usually use an old hard drive or drive. The contact pin may be rusted and can be scraped with a knife. How many times do you dial?. Avoid bad contact.
Item name: IDE transfer to SATA transfer card
Product size: 6*2.2CM
Product village material: adopt PCB double layer circuit board
Scope of application: suitable for IDE drive, CD player, 3.5 inch hard disk drive,
Compatible system: compatible with windowsXp\win7\win8 32 bit \64 bit system
Compatible with all brands of desktops:
1, VCR IDE hard disk transfer to SATA, and then connect to the motherboard SATA port
2, 3.5 inch IDE hard disk to SATA, and then use the motherboard SATA port
3, IDE drive to SATA, and then use the motherboard SATA port
4, IDE burner, switch to SATA, and then connect to the motherboard SATA port
5, you can transfer the desktop 3.5 inch IDE hard disk to the SATA recorder (please format the hard disk on the computer first).
6, after the transfer of hard disk can call the disk, from the disk (need to reinstall the system, refresh in BIOSS, and so on).
7, after the switch driver can guide to do the system.
8, adapter card, maximum support 1000G capacity parallel port hard disk.
9, the use of transit card IDE equipment, jumper cap must be inserted in the MASTER position.
10, compatible with SATA 1 generation, SATA 2 generation, SATA 3 generation
11, plug and play, no need for any drive
Products can not use common faults:
1, check whether the SATA data line problems, to see if there is no loose. Or change a normal SATA line.
2, check whether the jumper to the main disk, the value in the MASTSER position.
3, boot BIOS settings are correct. Some motherboards require BIOS settings (set the SATA schema to IDE MODE)
4, if you can not use, may be compatible issues, such a conversion card has a small number of devices have compatibility issues.
5, compatibility due to the reasons for the product is not recognized, and later done, the following share. When not recognized: right click "my computer properties" -- "hardware" -- "device manager". Then open the "IDE ATA/PATA" and then double-click the main controller and secondary IDE channel, select the "advanced settings", "device type" is set to "automatic detection", "transfer mode" is set to "DMA" (if available) - confirmation. After the restart to see whether the system found new hardware.
6, this section does not support the motherboard, IDE interface, transfer to SATA hard disk, etc., please note that the direction can not be reversed

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3.5 IDE to SATA3 adapter

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